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god_of_inlya's Journal

Inlya's Blogger
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(Author's Note: This journal is told from the view of someone from the universe I have made and altered. So, be aware of that!)

Hello all those who belong to Livejournal,

I wish I could tell you my name, where exactly I live, the color of my hair, and many other things that define a person on the Internet, no matter how fake, but I can't even afford an alias. I'm taking enough risks as it is. For the moment, just call me Nameless.

The reason I'm writing at all is because this information must get out! And what information you may ask? It's information about a world that most would have you believe doesn't exist, information about races and species that should exist only in fantasy...including one race that naturally lives among us humans. I have to tell you about them because, if I don't then all my experiences and research will have been for naught.

So, please, listen to what I have to tell you. There is a world out there called Inlya: a place of terrible beauty that will suck you in and shred you to pieces. Inlya is the world of myth.

But it is real. And it is far closer to you than you have ever realized.